Dr Jlassi
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  • Phone No. 26850156
  • Ext:382
  • Block: E


Qualifications :

  • Phd In Theoretical Linguistics University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England


Teaching Interest:

  • Syntax
  • Phonetics &Phonology
  • Morphology
  • Psycholinguistics Discourse Analysis
  • Elt/Tefl


Research Interest

  • Cross linguistic Variation
  • Information Structure-Syntax Interface
  • Arabic Dialects
  • Language Acquisition & Language Learning


Recent Publication

  1. The Multiple Subject Construction in Arabic: evidence from Tunisian Arabic. Newcastle University
  2. Two Distinct 'Theres' in Tunisian Arabic and Definiteness Effect Revisited. Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (forthcoming)
  3. On the Existence of Subject Clitics in Arabic. Proceedings of the Challenging Clitics Workshop. University of Oslo Publications (forthcoming)