Computing and Information Technology

The Faculty of Computing and Information Technology (FCIT) is a prosperous Faculty which has a lot of opportunities. The faculty recognizes the challenges which lie ahead, especially keeping in front in academic excellence.  The faculty embraces the best education methods and means and keeps updating its curriculums and expanding them to accommodate new disciplines in accordance with market needs.

The faculty retains strong relationships with industry; especially it has the advantage of being close to some of the most important industrial establishments in Oman. The faculty emphasizes also its relationships with the local community.

FCIT maintains high standard teaching staff and acquires more as needed by different study programs. The faculty embraces Quality in teaching as required by local and international standards with specialized world renowned bodies auditing its activities.

Career Options

  • Help desk technician
  • Cyber-security analyst
  • IT support (software)
  • Database analyst and developer
  • Data analyst
  • Project manager
  • IT support (hardware)

Entry Requirements

General Education Diploma with (D) as a minimum average. Students must pass the University foundation year successfully. The Preparation program includes English Language, Mathematics and Computer.