Dr Artan Karini
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  • Phone No. 26850101
  • Ext: 260
  • Block: F3 - 016


  • Ph.D. (Manchester), M.P.A. (Pittsburgh), Advanced H.R. Desig. (Queen's), B.Ed. (Tirana)

Teaching Interests

  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources Managament
  • Organisational Behaviour

Research Interests

  • Public Policy Theory,
  • Aid Effectiveness,
  • Administrative Reform,
  • International H.R.M.

Recent Publications

  • Karini, A. (2019). International Aid, Administrative Reform and Politics of EU Accession: Case of Albania, Palgrave McMillan. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-97834-5/ISBN 978-3-319-97833-8

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

  • Karini, A. (2017). Facilitators and Constraints of Policy Learning for Administrative Reform in the Western Balkans, Journal of Public Administration and Policy (NISPAcee), Volume X, Number 2, Winter 2017/18, 73-92
  • Karini, A. (2016). Coordination Without Effectiveness? A Critique of the Paris Agenda in the Experience of Development Aid in Albania, European Journal of Development Research (Palgrave), 28: 741, doi:10.1057/ejdr.2015.28
  • Karini, A. (2015). Lesson-learning between Canada and Europe: promoting good governance in the developing world, √Čtudes canadiennes (Canadian Studies), 79, 29-47.
  • Karini, A. (2013). Aid-Supported Public Service Reform and Capacity Development in Post-Communist Albania, International Journal of Public Administration (Routledge), 36:7, 469-481

Recent conference papers:

  • Karini, A. (2019). From Ottoman Legacy to Modernizing Public Management Systems: Empirical Evidence from Turkey, Kosovo and Kazakhstan. IRSPM 2019 conference: Renewing Public Management for Stewardship, Innovation and Impact; Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, April 2019;
  • Karini, A. (2018). A Reading of Recent Developments in the EU and Implications for Governance Reform in Egypt and MENA, 2018 IPSA World Congress, Brisbane, Australia, August 2018. Publication link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/324840303_A_Reading_of_Recent_Developments_in_the_EU_and_Implications_for_Governance_Reform_in_Egypt_and_MENA_Working_Paper