Note: If the students transferred to the diploma (finished his/her GFP in2013-2014) or currently in L3 or L4, they have to continue with the old matrix, if they just finished their GFP (whether they studied one or two faculty courses or not), they have to start with this new program matrix.

Course Code Units Course Name Course Code Units Course Name
1 BUMG1103 2 Intro to Business Management BUMK1201 2 Principles of Marketing Starting from (014-015)
BUMG1102 2 Business Statistics I BUAC1302 2 Accounting II
BUEC1601 2 Intro to Microeconomics BUEC1602 2 Intro to Macroeconomics
BUAC1301 2 Accounting 1 UNIR1000 2 Business Communications
      UNIR1001 1 Oman and Islamic Culture
2 BUEC1601 2 Intro to Microeconomics BUMG2105 2 Organizational Behaviour
BUIS2501 2 Computer Applications in
UNIR2000 2 Organisational Communications
BUBS2401 2 Business Law BUIS2502 2 Management Information System
COMP1109 2 Introduction to Information System BUFN2701 2 Financial Management
UNIR1002 1 Arabic Skill      
3 BUIS3501 2 Database Management COMP3211 2 ERP Design and Implementation Starting from (015-016)
BUBS3401 2 Small Business Management COMP3209 2 Data Mining
COMP2108 2 Object Oriented Programming BUMG3107 2 Operations Management
COMP2111 2 System Analysis and Design UNIR3000 2 Research Methods
4 BUMG4101 2 Strategic Management BUIS4501 2 Electronic Business Starting from S1 (016-017)
COMP4102 2 Software Project Management INTE4202 2 Information Security
COMP3105 2 Service Oriented Architecture BUBS4402 2 International Business
BUMG4103 2 Research Project BUMG4103 2 Research Project