Course Code Units Course Name Course Code Units Course Name
1 BUMG1103 2 Intro to Business Management BUMK1201 2 Principles of Marketing
BUMG1102 2 Business Statistics I BUAC1302 2 Accounting II
BUEC1601 2 Intro to Microeconomics BUEC1602 2 Intro to Macroeconomics
BUAC1301 2 Accounting 1 UNIR1000 2 Business Communications
      UNIR1001 1 Oman and Islamic Culture
2 BUBS2401 2 Business Law BUAC2303 2 Intermediate Accounting
BUIS2501 2 Computer Applications in
BUFN2701 2 Financial Management
BUAC2302 2 Managerial Accounting BUMG2105 2 Organizational Behaviour
UNIR2000 2 Organisational Communications BUIS2502 2 Management Information
UNIR1002 1 Arabic language Skills      
3 UNIR3000 2 Research Methods BUAC3305 2 Cost Accounting
BUIS3501 2 Database Management BUAC3304 2 Corporate Accounting
BUAC3302 2 Auditing BUFN3704 2 Financial Reporting &
BUMG3101 2 Operations Research BUMG3108 2 Business Statistic II
4 BUBS4401 2 Gulf Business Environment BUBS4402 2 International Business
BUAC4304 2 Accounting Theory BUIS4501 2 Electronic Business
BUFN4702 2 Financial Institutions &
BUFN4701 2 Investment & Portfolio
BUMG4103 2 Research Project BUMG4103 2 Research Project

Evening Program Matrix

Level Semester 1 Semester 2
Level 1
Level  2
BUMG1103 Introduction to Business Management
BUEC1601 Introduction to Microeconomics
BUAC1301 Accounting 1
BUMK1201 Principles of Marketing
BUAC1302 Accounting II
BUEC1602 Introduction to Macroeconomics
BUMG1102 Business Statistics I
UNIR1002 Arabic Language Skills (1 unit)
BUAC2302 Managerial Accounting
UNIR1000 Communication Skills
BUMG2105    Organizational Behavior
BUIS2502 Management Information System
BUBS2401 Business Law
UNIR2000 Organization Management
BUIS2501 Computer Applications in Business
BUAC2303 Intermediate Accounting
BUFUN2703 Financial Management
UNIR1001 Oman and Islamic Study (1 unit)
Level 3
Level 4
UNIR3000 Research Methods
BUIS3501 Database Management
BUAC3302 Auditing
BUAC3305 Cost Accounting
BUAC3304 Corporate Accounting
BUFN3704 Financial Reporting & analysis
BUMG3101 Operations Research
BUBS4401 Gulf Business Environment
BUAC4303 Accounting Theory
BUBS4402 International Business
BUIS4501 Electronic Business
BUMG3108 Business Statistics II
BUFN4702 Financial Institutions & Markets
BUMG4103 Research Project
BUFN4701 Investment & Portfolio Management
BUMG4103 Research Project