Mrs Maryam
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  • Phone No. 26850101
  • Ext: 316
  • Block: C


Qualifications :

  • Msc In Information Technology From Coventry University


Teaching Interest:

  • Computing Field.

Recent Publications:

  • International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering 5(12):86 to 89 · December 2015, Business Intelligence Framework in Higher Education Admission Center (HEAC)
  • International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 -8887) Volume 126 –, September 2015 Investigation and Optimization of Scheduling System in Sohar University using Genetic Algorithm (GA)
  • Maryam Humaid Alwashahi. Article: A Study on the Impact of Information Technology (IT) on the Performance of Commercial Banks in Oman. Communications on Applied Electronics 4(1):38-40, January 2016. Published by Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA