Course Description
The IT course delivers training in the basic computer skills needed by students embarking on degree or post-graduate courses of whatever discipline. The course consists of two modules – M1 Key Applications (MS Word) and M2 Computing Fundamentals.

Programme Matrix

IC3 M1
This module delivers computer literacy from basic to intermediate level and equips students with the ability to generate and work with a variety of business standard documents.
The first course unit looks at the common elements found in all Microsoft Office software. The second course unit focuses on word processing. The third course unit engages students in using Microsoft Excel and allows them to generate and manage a variety of finance-standard documents used most commonly in businesses. The fourth and final course unit shows students how to create and manage presentations using Microsoft Power Point.

IC3 M2
This module introduces students to the standards of basic computer literacy and does so through familiarising them with the components of which a modern desk top computer is comprised and the vocabulary that describes these components and how they work. The students will also look at the Windows operating system in order to learn how to perform basic computer operations.