English Placement Test (EPT):
The EPT is benchmarked against IELTS and tests candidates in four key skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.  Each skill tested has an equal weightage of 10% with a maximum score of 40. The EPT test is of 80 minutes duration. The Listening and Reading components of the test are computer-based and are followed by the Writing component which is paper-based and the Speaking component.

Students interested in joining our GFP program at SU can get a feel for the type of questions used in the placement test through the ‘Pre-Placement Test’ materials link.

On completion of the test, candidates are scored and placed into one of the three following levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate

  • ELEM (0-20)
  • PRE-INT (21-28)
  • INT (29-32)
  • Direct Entry (33+)

Candidates who score 33+ in the EPT are eligible for ‘Direct Entry’ into Faculty. Any candidate who scores 33 and above in the EPT and is therefore eligible for direct entry has to also complete the Computing and Math placement tests. If the candidate passes both the Math and Computing exemption tests, they can register in the faculty as a full-time students. If the candidate does not pass either of the Computing and Math placement tests, he/she can still register in the faculty but only for a half-load.  This student must then register for the Computing and Math course at GFP