Course Description

The program is tailored to enable students to: Fulfill English language requirements for entry to Sohar University diploma programs (IELTS 5 or TOEFL 500)

Program Matrix

English Elementary

Elementary is the initial level and suits students who possess a basic and minimally working knowledge of English. The Elementary course increases students’ communicative competence by developing their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the conclusion of the course, Elementary level students will normally be able to read short texts, write basic paragraphs with a sound level of overall accuracy in grammar and spelling, understand and respond to questions on familiar topics and listen for and identify general or even specific information heard in familiar contexts. The Elementary course will also be our students’ first step in understanding the basics of study skills, which will include note-taking, the effective use of a dictionary and implementing basic, test-taking strategies.

English Pre-Intermediate

Pre-Int is for students who need to raise their overall competency in English. This course will also be our students’ second step in developing the study skills needed when embarking on a degree programme. At the conclusion of the course, Pre-Int students will normally be able to initiate, respond confidently during, and maintain a conversation with peers or academic instructors on a variety of familiar topics. They will also be able to read, understand and answer comprehension questions about texts on familiar and occasionally abstract topics. Finally, they will also be able to write well-planned paragraphs about familiar topics and shall be ready to embark on the next and concluding course in GFP.


Intermediate is the third and concluding level in GFP and aims to raise our students’ competency in English to a standard equivalent to IELTS 5. The Intermediate course provides consolidation of English structures more complex than those encountered at Pre-Int, and Intermediate students also benefit from training in managing large texts of different genres, each of a type they are likely to encounter on a degree programme. The Intermediate course also focuses on further equipping students with the academic study skills and learning strategies needed when embarking on a degree programme. An essential component here is Academic Study Skills, known commonly as ACS. This, essentially, is a sub-course that teaches the skills necessary to research, write and to present an academic paper, and to do so while observing the protocols demanded by academic writing. Students will learn about the pitfalls of plagiarism, how to take notes, to summarise large amounts of data and how to write a bibliography and to reference proper academic sources.