Once enrolled on any of the courses at GFP, every student gets to benefit from a multi-layered student support system designed to enhance the student experience. Since 2016, the GFP has a dedicated student support services located on the second floor in the Learning Resource Centre. Student support is provided through the following initiatives: Learning Support Majlis, Writing Studio, Math Studio, IT Studio, Speaking Corner and Listening Lab and the Research Corner. These services are free and available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every week day. Students can get help on grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and speaking in English as well as full support with all your Math and Computing needs. The ‘Research Corner’ is a special service for Level 3 (Intermediate) students to help develop research skills to complete their final project.
The GFP also offers special support sessions for those students who are placed in a lower elementary level after the Placement Test. These sessions are held in the LRC four times a week with two morning shifts and two afternoon shifts. Student progress is continuously monitored by their instructors.
The GFP team takes particular pride in the manner in which it provides support to “students at risk”. Students who have to repeat a level either for the second or third time are given special attention and extra support. These students are identified by the end of week 3 and a special support plan is drawn up with the student’s Academic Advisor and the Program Coordinator who meet with these students to discuss the plan and also the importance of attending the special sessions provided. Each of these students is allocated an instructor who monitors and records progress. The instructor remains in constant contact with these students through emails.

Academic Support Services

GFP Focus Group Tutorials

f you are thinking of joining GFP at Sohar University, or have already joined us and are worried about your low English language proficiency, we have the best service for you – our new Focus Group Tutorials. Extra practice, with regular feedback in a positive environment are the key factors that form the basis of this support system. Dedicated tutors are there to ensure that students get the most benefit from these tutorials by liaising with the class teachers, and recording student progress. Students can be assured that no effort is spared in making them ready and able for the transition to Faculty!
Elementary students in Level 1 who have low English language proficiency skills are provided with special extra support in the Learning Resources Centre. In addition to your regular class hours, you now get to attend two extra support sessions every week. These classes are designed to help students improve their English language skills through personalized teaching.
For those students in Levels 2 (Pre-Intermediate) and Level 3 (Intermediate) who are concerned about coping with the required language skills for their faculty studies, no need to worry, we will take care of you and give you all the support you need to reach your goal!

Learning Support Majlis (LSM)

The Learning Support Majlis at the heart of the campus in the LRC provides students with a unique learning experience! Students can come to this relaxing and friendly environment to do some homework, read a good book, use their notebook or tablet, and engage with colleagues in group work activities or avail of the knowledge and expertise of one of the GFP instructors there on hand to provide you with that extra support. Located on the 3rd floor in the LRC, the LSM provides round-the clock (8:00-4:00) support for students.

Writing Studio

Writing skills pose a challenge for most learners of the English language. The SU Writing Studio, located on level 2 of the LRC, was established in 2016 to offer guidance and support to students to help them overcome these challenges, enhance their communication skills and make them ready and able graduates!
The Writing Studio is supported by a dedicated team of GFP instructors, available 5 days a week from Sunday to Thursday, to help you on your learning journey and develop your ability to produce effective and meaningful written communication to meet your academic and personal goals. You will find one of the GFP language instructors in the Writing Studio each day between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, so why wait!

Math Studio

Student registered in GFP Maths courses are provided with continuous support to enable them to meet the requirements of their studies during their time in the GFP and following their transition to Faculty. Part of this support is offered by a dedicated team of GFP Maths teachers from Sunday
to Thursday each week in the special purpose Math Studio located in the LRC. Each GFP Math lecturer offers 4 extra hours of support per week to students in the Studio in addition to the scheduled class contact hours. During these extra hours, lecturers provide additional training and exercises, practicals and help students to understand mathematical concepts which prepares them for assignments, project work and Math assessments.
In addition to the GFP support in the Math Studio, Faculty Teaching Assistants, from Engineering and Computing and IT in particular, are providing more and more extracurricular support in the Math Studio to ensure all students feel confident and ready to achieve their learning outcomes and academic goals

Computing Studio

The SU Computing Studio was set up to encourage and support both GFP and Faculty students overcome any problems they face during their study in any IT-related topics.
All GFP computing staff are available each weekday to provide continuity of learning and offer student support in either one-on-one sessions or group sessions. The studio is located on the 2nd floor of the LRC and open from 9am to 3pm from Sunday to Thursday.

Listening Lab

SU is proud to announce the opening of its Listening Lab to provide students with more opportunities to practice and enhance their listening skills in their own time. The SU Listening Lab is located on the 2nd floor in the LRC. Come and join us any day from Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 2pm and meet with one of our language instructors who will happily prepare some practice exercises and test simulations for you. Developing your listening skills to international standards has never been easier.

Speaking Studio

A lot of students have been asking how they can improve their English speaking skill, and SU has acted on this and opened its first ever speaking studio located on the 2nd floor in the LRC. Instructors are on hand daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and will provide you support using a variety of different strategies and methods that will develop your spoken skills and prepare you for all oral presentations and assessments.

Peer Tutoring Program

Do you think you could help other students, your peers, improve their skills? If yes, then why not join our Peer Tutoring Program.
We will train you to help your fellow students enhance their writing and Arabic and English language skills, Math skills and Computing skills and even their presentation skills in your free time. To accomplish this, tutors may engage with students in one on one consultations, pair work, small group session, discussion sessions etc. providing that extra bit of help to supplement their studies. Tutors may also offer support on some specific subject skills, provide feedback on developing drafts of papers, help with diagnosing writing problems, reviewing misunderstood or missing information and helping students in general to achieve their academic goals.
Peer Tutors can be students from any level who feel they have the understanding and knowledge to coach fellow students from the same level or even a lower level. Peer Tutors do not evaluate the students in any way but provide that extra support to their student peers and friends.
Choose a day and time and register to become one of the team of Peer Tutors from various faculties across the University.

The Research Corner

Located in the LRC “Writing Center,” on the 2nd floor, “The Research Corner” is an academic support service for students, individually or in small groups, to receive feedback pertaining to their academic writing assignments. If you need assistance interpreting assignment directions and requirements, brainstorming ideas for writing strategies, input pertaining to grammar, vocabulary and mechanics, and guidelines for finding appropriate secondary research sources, “The Research Corner” is there to help you further develop your independent academic writing skills.