Registration can be done either in person or by email

Registration in Person

  1. Candidates need to fill in a registration form and submit it with the required documents to the registration desk to be processed. The main required documents are but not limited to:
    • Valid copy from applicant’s Identification Card(ID) or resident card (for expatriates) or Passport with visa (original copy required in international exams & courses)
    • Signed registration form
    • 1 personal photo (passport size)
  2. If these documents are not provided and completed, the registration cannot be processed.
  3. Upon submission of the registration form with the required documents, applicants will receive an email/ an SMS receipt for their submission.
  4. The registration request(s) will be processed by the concerned personnel and, if it is confirmed, then an email/ SMS will be sent if there is an available spot in their preferred session. Then applicants need to come to the registration desk to finalize the course payment (stamped receipt from SU finance department is required). Upon completing payments, candidates will receive a confirmation and joining instructions by email/ SMS.
  5. If there is no available spot in their preferred session, they will be asked to register for an alternate session.
  6. If a place is not available, they will need to adjust the preferred session dates/hours.

Register by E-mail

  1. Download the Registration Form [PDF] from our website
  2. Send your completed Registration Form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then you will receive an e-mail and a call from the Training Unit for confirmation.