It is a service provided to assistance students in the university by encouraging them to take advantage of their capabilities. It also gives the students a chance to discuss different issues and problems which they face and help them to find the appropriate solutions to adapt to university life. In addition, and most importantly, that the service takes place in privacy and confidentiality through the specialized guides who provide help, advising and guiding whether it is a behavioral or a social or economic problem. The three main objectives of the department are preventive, curative and development goals, and these goals are subject to the rules and regulations of the university.

Students, who need the guidance, can visit the counselling in student services  and request assistance. You can also visit the department to register and take advantage of workshops and courses offered to develop your skills and be able to deal with psychological, social, economic and academic variables.

Student can also submit complaints by filing down complaint form  and take it to counselling section in student services department.


Student behavior committee follows student code of conducts in dealing with cases. Students can appeal against committee decision by filling appeal form .