RIC bannerSohar University aims to create research and research training that has local, regional and global impact and relevance. Since the 2008 till today a considerable progress in the research and industry collaboration is made to build up the university research profile. Such progress is very clearly noted in the following four directions:

1. Securing research grants and successfully delivering the projects.
2. Larger staff and student engagement in funded research projects.
3. Improving publications records and Research-Gate score.
4. More industrial R&D engagement and grants.

The remarkable progress in the field of Research and Industry Collaboration fields could not be achieved without the tremendous support from the SU Board of Governors and SU executive managing team. Generous research budgets were allocated for Research and Industry Collaboration Division to enable the proper administration of the University research activities including internal grant programs.
All of these are expected to help the University to develop a portfolio of partnerships that supports the University in meeting its commitment to excellence in its research and enterprise. The University has set a well-defined path to bring its research profile to a higher level and approach a distinguished excellence in research.