Sohar University holds the fourth edition of Qader Festival

Believing in the importance of exploiting the potentials of people with special needs and the unique abilities that God has given them, and seeking to provide opportunities and overcome difficulties for them, Sohar University launches Qader Festival from 9th to 10th of April 2019, under the patronage of His Excellency Al Sayed / Fahr bin Fatik Al Said. The Festival is organized by “Basayer Aloqol” group (Visionaries), under the supervision of the Student Affairs Department.
The event started with the Opening Ceremony, which began with a speech by the leader of Basyer Aloqol group, Ali Al Issaie, a student with special needs at Sohar University. Through the speech, he welcomed the sponsor of the festival and attendees, followed by a video presentation of the group and a Nasheed about disability presented by the student Horya Al Subhi . The Nebras Hope Center also presented a section entitled "Your Name, My Country".
The attendees then moved to the Techno Insight Center, which includes computers for the blind and Braille Sens. This center is able to alleviate the difficulties of study for the blind and contribute to facilitating their educational progress. Then, the patron of the ceremony and the attendees opened the accompanying exhibition, where the new identity of the festival was launched. The exhibition included photos in addition to a number of sections of different institutions for people with special needs, both inside and outside the university.