Digital-Enviro Team participate in Sohar Hackathon Competition

A students’ team from Sohar University (digital-enviro) participated in the Sohar Hackathon, an innovative competition that brings together students, graduates and job seekers who interested in technology, as a platform for meeting creators to create solutions to the environmental, logistical and tourism challenges in Sohar City. The competition was held from 10 to 12 January 2019 at the International Maritime College.

The team was represented by Maha Saidi and Wesan Al-Kushari from the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology, where they presented the Environmental Technology Project, which is the use of IoT to analyze and monitor gas emissions of the industrial areas. In addition, a web application will integrate the concerned authority with the factory using live time data represented on a smart dashboard in addition of the use of artificial intelligence to predict the results of harmful gas emissions.