Go Green Oman

Environmental Engineering Post-graduates of Sohar University have initiated a brand new environmental awareness programme: ‘Go Green Oman’ GGO. GGO was started on November 18, 2018 coinciding with 48th Omani National Day under the able leadership of Dr Hamdan Sulaiman Al. Fazari, Deputy Vice Chancellor–Resources. GGO is coordinated by Sohar University MEng. Environmental Engineering students, Umayma Al Shibli, Hamed Al Kindi, Hisham Al Ghaithi, Yaqoob Al Hindasi, MaleK Al Ajmi, Sara Al Rajhi, Azad Al Shibli, Safia Al Shizawi and Ahoud Al Hamadani. They shall be supported by the able guidance of Dr. Nitin Raut, Programme Coordinator, MEng.

The GGO mission is “to motivate and direct society to be collectively responsible and accountable for a healthy environment”, with a vision that Oman will be recognized as “an environmentally-conscious society that values nature and preserves the environment.” GGO will focus on environmentally-conscious use of plastic, paper, food, water and electricity, the improper use of which have had a major and detrimental impact on our environment and on our valuable, natural resources.

GGO’s first active initiative is to reduce plastic use and wastage on the campus of Sohar University, and it shall undertake this by spreading awareness through lectures, posters and workshops, coupled with action plans to reduce and, in some cases, discontinue the use of plastics. In due course, GGO will expand into an environmentally aware and pro-active organization that involves all members of our student fraternity and every visiting member of our local community.