Sohar University celebrates the Graduation of a New Batch

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh/ Naseer bin Hilal bin Nasser Al Mawali, Chairman of the State Audit Institution, Sohar University celebrated the graduation of the first group of its 17th batch on Wednesday evening 12th December, 2018 on the amphitheater on campus. The ceremony was attended by a number of Highnesses and Excellencies, Members of the State Council, as well as a number of invited representatives of government and private institutions and parents.
The first ceremony included the Faculties of Business, Law and Computing and Information Technology. The total number of graduates of these faculties were 505 graduates from master's degrees, Bachelor, Advanced Diploma and Diploma.
The number of graduates included 351 graduates from the Faculty of Business and 140 graduates from the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology and 14 graduates from the Faculty of Law.
In his speech, Professor Barry Winn, the VC of Sohar University, said:
I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to each and everyone of you graduating today. You’ve worked hard and very much deserve the academic qualifications we award this evening. I know your family and friends are extremely proud of you today.
Universities are key drivers of economic and social well-being in the modern world and we want to ensure Sohar University plays a leading role. We have forged strong relationships with business, government ministries and international institutions to support the innovative development of our city and region which will help create new jobs in new industries.
On behalf of her fellow graduates, the student Munira Bint Ali Al Rabeeya delivered the Graduation Speech in which she stated that:
We stand with sincere thanks and gratitude to the builder of Oman and the first teacher who gave the utmost attention to education, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God protect him. We pledge to God, the homeland and the Sultan to contribute to the building of our homeland, armed with the knowledge we learned and the experience and skills we acquired, each in their field of competence. We will work with every effort and determination in order to uphold the banner of this proud country.
We would like also to thank and praise those who participated in our years of study through their guidance and supervision, to those who held hopes for us that we culminated with success and excellence, to our parents, and to those who instilled the seeds of science in us to our professors, and the great thanks to the administration of Sohar University which has made every effort to overcome all difficulties throughout our years of study.
After that, in an atmosphere of joy and happiness, the graduates sang the Graduation Anthem, which became one of the hallmarks of Graduation Ceremonies at Sohar University. HE Sheikh/ Naseer bin Hilal Al Mawali, Chairman of the State Audit Institution, honored the top graduates who received the best scores in the bachelor's and master's degrees in various programs.
Then, His Excellency distributed the certificates to 505 graduates from the Faculties of Business, Law and Computing and Information Technology.
In a short break, the poet Sultan bin Salem bin Saeed al-Issai, a faculty of Business graduate, recited a poem on the occasion of the graduation ceremony.
At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Jamal Saeed Al Ajili, Chairman of Sohar University Board of Governors, presented a souvenir to the sponsor of the ceremony.