Sohar University Holds an Induction Day for Postgraduate Students

Sohar University, represented by the Post Graduate Centre, held an Induction Day for the new students who joined the University during the current academic year 2018/2019 at one of the master's programs offered by the University. This came earlier this week on Saturday at the Learning Resources Center with the presence of Professor Barry Winn, the VC of the University, and Dr. Dawood Al-Hamdani, Dean of the Post Graduate Centre in addition to a number of administrator and academic staff of the University.
The Induction Day began with a welcoming speech by Professor Barry Winn, the VC of the University, where he welcomed the students. This was followed by a meeting between the students and the Dean of the Post Graduate Centre of the University, Dr. Dawood Al-Hamdani, as well as the deans of the six faculties. Then, the students were met by the Financial Department and the Admissions and Registration Division. They were also introduced to the University services and the laws and regulations in the various departments and faculties that will facilitate the students' academic life.
The meeting concluded with an orientation tour for students on campus.