The University Signs an Agreement to Sponsor a Number of Educational Activities

Within the framework of programs of social responsibility and cooperation with various institutions of society, the University signed an agreement with the General Directorate of Education in North Al Batinah to sponsor a number of educational activities during the academic year 2018/2019.
The activities have been varied to cover different categories of students and fields between scientific, literary, sports and artistic. The agreement also covered the University's sponsorship of a number of other activities aimed at school administrations, teachers and professional guidance specialists.
Among the most important competitions to be implemented are the Olympic School for Males and Females, and the sponsorship of audio-integration students in the field of robotics education. A number of training workshops will be held for different groups, such as school administration and for the staff and specialists of the Department of Educational Programs, in addition to the school visits program implemented by the University from various schools in the province.
The agreement was signed by Prof. Barry Winn the Vice Chancellor of the University, and by the General Directorate of Education in Al-Batinah Province, Dr. Ali Bin Nasser Al-Harazi, Director-General., in the presence of a number of officials of the Directorate.