SU completes the preparations for the Annual Staff Week

Sohar University has completed its preparations for the Annual Staff Week, which will start on September 9 and continue until the 13th of the same month on the University campus in Sohar.
The week includes a number of activities such as lectures and training workshops, which target all the academic and administrative staff of the university, in addition to the new staff who joined the university during the new academic year 2018 / 2019.
The week is organized by the university on an annual basis at the beginning of every academic year to prepare the University staff for the reception of the new academic year and new students. The Staff Week is one of the most important training and development activities for the university staff because of its diversity of programs.
It is worth noting that the week will conclude with the fourth edition of the Education and Learning Conference, which the university has organized over the past three years and which has been a good success both inside and outside the university. It will be a good opportunity for communication between the university and specialists in the field of education and learning from outside. The conference will include a number of speakers who will present a number of working papers and seminars revolve around education and its various challenges and practices.