Sohar University Organizes a Training Program for its Staff in UK

Sohar University has organized a training program for some of its administrative staff at the University of York in the United Kingdom. The program was about Leadership and Innovation and it targeted a number of managers and deputy managers from various administrative departments of the University.
The week-long program covered various topics related to leadership and its diverse skills, in addition to discussing a number of administrative issues. The aim of the program was to benefit from the experience of others, especially the University of York, which is one of the prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.
This training program is part of an integrated program organized by the University, represented by the Staff Development Department, to train its employees and improve their knowledge and skills at all levels and functions. It is considered one of the most important training programs for our university staff, being organized for the second consecutive year, as the first group was sent during the summer of 2017.