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Sohar University 17th Student Week (17-21 march 2019) 5
Sohar University holds 2nd TESOL Symposium 8
Sohar University celebrates International Women's Day 51
Sohar University held the translation day 91
Training Forum 2019 held at Sohar University 83
SURC 2019 114
Orpic’s 2019 Leaders of Tomorrow Program 123
Third Prize in Chem-E-Car Competition 105
SU Technical Support 107
Academic Support Services 100
Sohar University is preparing for the Annual Training Forum 2019 94
Staff Development Week 86
Sohar University sponsors the International Conference: the 4th Industrial Revolution 247
Sohar University hosts 48 workshops within a week 177
The University offers 4 training workshops for Ministry of Education staff 161
Digital-Enviro Team participate in Sohar Hackathon Competition 172
World Arabic Language Day 177
Football League 135
SU Translation Day 257
Go Green Oman 251
2nd TESOL SYMPOSIUM 2019 339
Signing Two Agreements at Sohar University 271
Sohar University celebrates the Graduation of the second group of its 17th Batch 217
Sohar University celebrates the Graduation of a New Batch 231
Sohar University is preparing to graduate a New Batch 263
The Postgraduate Studies Center Organizes a Workshop 355
Sohar University Celebrates the 48th National Day 299
Indian Ambassador visits Sohar University 352
Staff Promotions & Regrading 420
New Staff Appointments 441
Two Sohar University student research teams win the “2018 Italian Technology Award” 322
Sohar University Celebrates the Omani Women’s Day on 17th October 832
Sohar University Students Participate in the First Forum of Debates 766
School visits programme 804
Sohar University Holds an Induction Day for Postgraduate Students 772
Orientation Program for New Students at Sohar University 803
Sohar University welcomed new international students 819
The University Signs an Agreement to Sponsor a Number of Educational Activities 832
4th Teaching and Learning Conference at Sohar University 1126
The Staff Annual week begins at Sohar University with honoring a number of the employees 944
Sohar University hosts the 4th annual Teaching and Learning Conference 1050
SU completes the preparations for the Annual Staff Week 793
Sohar University Organizes a Training Program for its Staff in UK 902
Sohar University is preparing the new academic year 878
Registration is open at Sohar University 1106
IT training Course for Sohar University Staff 870
Sohar University holds an English training course for its staff 890
Sohar University hosts a Workshop Entitled (Bright Ideas) 751
Al Borg Sports Cultural Team visits Sohar University 798
Sohar University appoints a Manager of Estates and Campus Services 1003
The End of the Academic Year 2017/2018 1151
Final Exams Start at Sohar University 823
A Course for Graduates of Faculty of Computing and IT at Sohar University 972
A project for Civil Engineering Students Wins the First Place 1125
Chinese Delegation Visits Sohar University 1009
Sohar University Wins the First Place in the Third Volleyball Tournament for Higher Education Institutions 998
Sohar University Sponsors the Educational Competitions in North Al Batinah 1001
Poetry Evening at Sohar University 926
Open Day for Networks 957
Graduation of A new Batch of Students of the Arabic Language Program at SU 984
A lecture entitled: "Between Hope and Work, Ambition is Generated” 973
Sohar University Football Court has been completed 904
Sohar University Organizes a Poetry Evening 927
Sohar University hosts the Symposium of Omani Scientific Families 965
Sohar University Organizes the Annual Alumni day 964
SU Wins Two Awards at the 7th International Conference of Arabic Language 1051
Students from Sohar University participate in COMEX 2018 989
Sunaidy visits Sohar University 1015
The 7th Drama Festival Launches at Sohar University 932
Lecture on the Future of Logistics in the Sultanate 965
Four plays presented at the seventh Sohar University Theater Festival 910
Preparations for Graduation Day 2018 815
Opening of Material Description Laboratories at Sohar University 939
Sohar University Participates as a Lead Sponsor at GEDEX 2018 929
Qader Festival starts at Sohar University under the slogan of ‘Tamkeen’ 840
Opening of Material Description Laboratories at Sohar University 1079
Faculty of Engineering Students Participate in the 8th Engineering Forum at SQU 917
Sohar University Football Court opens in May 924
The university hosts a lecture entitled Youth and Healthy Living 856
GRACE Labs Opens Next Wednesday 1009
The University is preparing to participate in GHEDEX exhibition 2018 919
Prof. Hamza Idris and Dr. Hamdan Al-Fazari: Deputy Vice-Chancellors 1194
Scout Movement Training Camp at Sohar University 888
Sohar University hosts the World Theater Day 889
National Program for Marriage Counseling 863
Lecture on Duties and Rights of Patients 877
Sohar University Football Stadium opens in May 947
Climate Change and Sustainable Development 858
SU 1st Students' Language Conference2018 889
The 16th Student Week at Sohar University 882
The 16th Student Week Activities at Sohar University 894
Sohar University launches the Public Lecture Series 1131
Sohar University celebrates the International Women's Day 997
Lecture on Mars Stimulation and Exploration Experiment in Oman 1001
SU holds the 2nd Annual Training Forum in cooperation with Orpic 869
Congratulation to Marwa Al Thehli & Aya AL Masuudi 1161
First Students' Language Conference 946
Student Advisory Council at Sohar University participates in the Forum of Leadership: Initiative and Empowerment 987
Sohar University Hosts the First Traffic Forum of Riyadh Al Elm School 1056
The Launch of Sohar University Staff Football League 986
The 1st Forum for Practical Education at Sohar University 1005
University Evacuation and Firefighting Course 1034
Open Day for Sohar University Staff 1057
Sohar University Organizes the 2nd Staff Development Week 1105
SU Organizes the 2nd Research Conference 1088
SU Holds a Training Programme for Ministry of Interior Employees 1018
SU Organizes the 2nd Research Conference 1060
SU Participates in Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence Ceremony 1120
1st TESOL Symposium 1627
1st TESOL Symposium 2018 1470
Education Professionals of Shura Council visit Sohar University 1555
Sports Tournaments 1458
Workshop on Time and Self Management at Sohar University 1544
Al-Moqbali is a Pro. Vice Chancellor (Community & Engagement) 2056
Students Visit SU2304 1873
Lectures for School Students 1920
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education honors the Alumni & Career Guidance Centre 1957
Sohar University participates in the Annual Forum of Researchers 2066
Memorandum of Understanding with AMA International University-Bahrain 2133
Sohar University Students Launch the initiative of “Pull Yourself Together” 2275
Sohar University Celebrates the Arabic Language Day 2303
SU Celebrates the Graduation of the Second group of 16th Batch 2399
Sohar University Celebrates the Graduation of a New Batch of Students 2461
Sohar University Celebrates the Graduation of a New Batch of Students 2446
SU & the MoCI sign two agreements 2522
Sohar University Organizes a lecture on the Institutional Development of the Democratic Process in the Sultanate 2513
Sohar University Celebrates the Graduation of a New Batch in December 2536
Sohar University Celebrates the 47th National Day 2490
Cyber Security – Science Collaboration Symposium -2017 UK & Gulf Countries 2792
March of Gratitude at Sohar University on the 47th National Day 2498
Sohar University Wins the First & fourth Positions in the Marathon 2500
Career Guidance Centre Organises a visit to Voltamp 2490
Tech Zone 2698
Continuity of the training workshops held by the Alumni and Career Guidance Centre 2567
Sohar University hosts Oman Science Festival 2017 2814
Sohar University Celebrates Omani Women’s Day 3027
Sohar University Participates in Success Exhibition 2017 2754
Introductory workshop to Huawei 2833
The Community Partnership Committee holds its first meeting 2889
Construction projects and advanced infrastructure 2984
Minister of Higher Education visits Sohar University 3124
Sohar University Receive New Foreign Students 3102
Sohar University organizes an orientation day for the new students 3028
School visits to Sohar University begin 2979
Industrial innovation hub to be named ‘Intaj Suhar’ 3119
The start of the Staff Week at Suhar University 3423
Academic year begins at Sohar University 3392
Sohar University organizes the Third Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 3409
Sohar University signs a Cooperation Agreement with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) 3933
Sohar University participates in the Exhibition of Higher Education Institutions, 2017 3836
Preparations for the New Academic Year at Suhar University 5226
3rd Teaching and Learning Conference 5555
Sohar University (SU) Cooperation Agreement with IMCO 4964
Test Designing workshop 4946
The 2017 Training Fair at Sohar University 5111
The British Ambassador Visits Sohar University 5210
Sohar University organizes Kader Festival 5047
Sohar University organizes the Al Outabi Literary Forum 5245
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Sohar University team wins the Bronze Medal in the 7th Engineering Students’ Exhibition 5338
Sohar University Robotics Teams SUmech and SUbot 5442
Sohar University wins the second Omani Goalball Championship 5226
Sohar University Enhances Cooperation between the Private and Public Sectors 5255
SU Participation in Ghedex 2017 5573
1000 Students Visit Sohar University 5762
Sohar University Welcomes a Delegation from the Higher Education 5649
Arabic Library Day 5873
Chem-E-Car Competition 6032
Awareness lecture on “Electronic fraud” 5830
Registration for the Teacher Preparation Program - SQU 6150
Kuwaiti Society for Student Support 6115
Sohar University Research Conference (2017) 6793
The VC Hosts School Competitions in Debating, Rhetoric and Eloquence 6233
SU Annual Staff Day Out 6179
A computer course for a number of (ROP) members 6308
Sohar University leads on strengthening Oman-UK links 6836
SU took part in organizing the Industrial Innovation Forum 6986
SU Staff Health and Safety Program 6938
Sohar University and Ministry of Commerce and Industry Innovation Forum 7723
Omani Womens Association Workshop 7530
Lectures & Workshops conducting with schools 8760
Braille Sense laboratory new additional value 8558
SU students participate in the 58th youth forum in UK 8663
Register Now in MSc and MA TESOL 9440
Sohar University offers Evening studies in Engineering 9547
Health and safety activities 9240
Sohar University sponsers schools’ competitions 9168
Sohar University celebrates the graduation of a new batch 10344
The university has +30 various cultures this year 10668
Sohar University celebrates graduating new batch On Thursday 10643
Omanisation Progresses at SU 10618
Sohar University won the debates Competition 10709
The university shares Oman’s joys of its 46th National Day 11190
School Student Visits to SU 11048
New Entrance 11092
Lectures & Workshops conducting with schools 11177
Leading Institutional Innovation workshop 11086
Award for ‘My Environment is My Responsibility’ Team 11140
SU Management visit Sheffield in the UK 12257
Health Leadership 11991
Faculty of Computing and IT Studies Students’ Club 12156
Faculty of Business Advisory Committee Meeting 12079
Countdown 12061
Celebrating Omani Women’s Day 12249
Sohar University Delegates Deliver a Paper at Board of Education Conference 13345
Turnitin Workshop 13266
Short course in Health Leadership & Change Management 13948
New Master Programmes 14929
Participating in the HEIs’ Exhibition in Muscat 14229
Registration is open 16184
Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony at Sohar University 15770
Sohar University Delegation visits British Universities 15194
Sohar University Language Center Celebrates Graduating its latest batch of Students of Arabic 15752
Signing Ceremony of an Agreement between Sohar University and Grace Company 15230
Re-identification of Female Suffering- A Contrapuntal Reading 15289