The community is our targeted partner
From Day one of establishing SU as the first private university in Oman, Community service & Engagement has been considered a special interest and priority where it works for and with the community. Therefore it became a part of the university strategies and policies to be realistically implemented into activities and efforts through various channels by groups & committees in faculties & depts.

Examples of the Community Engagement Activities:

1-    Industry Day
The Industry Day celebration comes as one of the evidences that enhance the university liaison with the industrial sector as a partner in the sustainable development in the Sultanate and a good chance

2-    School visits
Mutual visits are held periodically between SU & schools on various levels as students. Through such visits SU intended to provide awareness of the university mission and plays its non-academic roles to such category

3-    Arab library Day
SU celebrates an annual Arab Library Day on the tenth of every March. The aim of the event is to inform and educate the community of the importance of the book and how reading is important in general

4-    Teacher's Day
Through the approach of the teacher’s primary role in building the society, SU used to celebrate that occasion annually to express the appreciation and gratitude to the teacher in all levels, the university also honors a number of teachers from Various Governorates.

5-    “We care” campaign
SU carries out various campaigns with different categories such as; Elderly people, people with special needs, some hospital patients SU is aware of its responsibility and duty towards such groups being an integral part of the community of their rights.

6-    “We educate” campaign
“We educate" campaign targets a number of schools students through workshops , lectures such as; how to choose a specialization and register in HEAC addition and  a lecture on press release writing skills.

7-     Mother's Day
On 21st March SU shares female staff, students and guests from various institutions a celebration on this occasion during that honoring of working mothers and examples from schools and the community will be honored

8-     Exhibitions
Educational exhibitions are considered important portals & windows for face to face inquiries about the programmes, specializations, the plans and the strategies of the university. It is essential from time to time to present SU in internal & external exhibitions    

9-    Industry & Business Leaders’ dinner
It is one of the important and scheduled annual events within the university. SU has been set up several dinners in order to strengthen relations with industry and business through meetings with their senior representatives for the purpose of mutual benefits and resulted to serve the Omani society

10-   Various Activities & Events
There have been other examples of services such as; Beaches cleaning campaigns, patients ‘visits, research activities with both Research and industrial collaboration & Environmental Research,  Batteries collection campaigns National Day celebration in partnership with schools  and other related institutions, training courses, schools summer courses and workshops for governmental & private institutions through Center for Continuing Education and faculties, society-lectures and seminars in coordination with the institutions, society Local-exploitation facilities and halls of the university by different institutions