Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Programs
To be eligible to apply for entry to undergraduate programs of Sohar University, prospective students must have:

  • Completed the General Diploma formerly Secondary School Completion Certificate or (‘Thannawiya Amma’) in Oman, or equivalent
  • Achieved a score at least equal to the Entry Score determined by the Sohar University Academic Board.

The Entry Score may vary according to academic program, and is reviewed annually. For qualifying students, entry to the University will be based upon order of merit. Additional requirements may be specified for particular programs of study. In particular, admission to the Faculty of Engineering requires prior study of Pure Maths and Physics in the Diploma of General Education certificate (and prior study of Chemistry for those joining Chemical Engineering).
Admission to the University is open to all nationalities resident in Oman, and others wishing to come to Oman. Enrolment for foreign students will not be valid until all immigration procedures for staying in Oman as a student are finalized. Foreign students obtaining a General Education Diploma from outside Oman must seek accreditation from the Omani Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that country.

General rules and regulations
The admission of a student is based on the reasonable expectation that the student will be able to fulfil the objectives of the program and achieve the standard required for the award. Numbers of students admitted may be controlled by directives issued by the Ministry of Higher Education as well as by internal recruitment targets of the University.
All entry qualifications must be authenticated, so students are required to provide proof of qualifications gained. Any student not complying with such a request, or falsifying evidence, is liable to exclusion from the University.
Students who wish to change their program of study and enter another program may do so, subject to:

  • The entry requirements of the proposed program
  • The availability of a place on the proposed program
  • The agreement of the Deans of the former and proposed programs
  • The viability of completion of the proposed program, including sufficient time available (admission to the new program may need to be at a lower level academically than that which the student is leaving).
  • Obtaining the agreement of the student’s scholarship sponsor, if any.