SU organized orientation programme for its new students

As an annual activity Sohar University organized an orientation programme of 2 days for the new students of the academic year 2014/2015. The programme started with a speech of the VC - Prof. Ray Volker in which he welcomed and congratulated them to get seats and join SU. He encouraged them to study more in order to achieve their and their parents dreams. DVC Prof Stephen Hill welcomed them and explained the difference between the school and the university and the requirements of such stage as the university deals with adults. At the same time he confirmed that the university with its human resources are ready to support and assist all of you whenever and wherever needed.

Then the concerned depts. met the students warmly and explained to them the rules & regulations and how and where students follow their affairs up . All expressed their readiness to assist and help students to cope with the university study requirements. Also, Mr. Khalil Al-Farsi from the MoHE shared the students with the rules and regulations of the scholarships which was very important for that stage. On the other hand, some old students presented and shared their experiences with the new intakes to encourage them doing their best for the benefits of themselves, their families and their home country Oman. GFP staff as the first station continued supporting those new students to enable them getting ready for studying at faculties.

Sohar University organized an orientation programme

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