Introduction Objective Expected Outcome: Main Agenda of the Forum: The sub-themes under each will be: Potential Audience (Level and Size): Venue: Forum Presentations:
Introduction and need:
Innovation and innovative companies set the bar high for the competition and this is quite apparent in the knowledge economy that we are in nowadays. Innovation is not only about patents, R&D expenditure, technology, and such like. Innovation is anything new that adds value to the enterprise. It is a proven fact that innovation is a catalyst that helps in diversifying the economy and achieve growth of the manufacturing sector. The forum will deliberate on the ecosystem that goes on to make a country or a society innovative. Research & Development institutions, governmental organisations, and industries contribute to innovation in the society. The forum will provide a common platform for professionals in the field of innovation to share their research and experiences across a wide audience. In addition, the discussions that will follow will provide the key stakeholders with a roadmap for accelerating the pace of innovation. Events will also be organized around key service providers and innovators who may like to showcase their products and services to interested parties. Therefore this Forum will provide opportunities for sponsors and businesses to exhibit. Details are available in this brochure.

The objective of the Forum is to bring together national and international research institutions, captains of manufacturing industry, and government bodies to deliberate and share their experiences in the area of innovation and the creation and nurturing of an ecosystem for innovation within Oman.

Expected Outcome:

  • Creation of awareness of the impact of innovation in manufacturing firms
  • Roadmap to enhance the ecosystem of innovation in manufacturing industry.
  • Accelerate innovation in industrial firms
Main Agenda of the Forum:

The Forum will deliberate on

  • Innovation in manufacturing – concepts and case studies
  • Innovation ecosystem
  • Innovation at firm level – nature of innovation, processes adopted and case studies


The sub-themes under each will be:

  • Innovation in manufacturing – concepts and case studies:
    • Concept, levels and types of innovation – including open innovation
    • Impact of innovation at firm level and economy level
    • International best practices
  • Innovation ecosystem:
    • Enablers for innovation to sustain and grow (Government role, Technology transfer, Industrial Innovation Centre, Intellectual property, Funding and investing in innovation)
    • Infrastructure for innovation to spread (Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Incubation centres, Innovation Park, Muscat)
  • Innovation at firm level – nature of innovation, processes adopted and case studies:
    • Progressive organization culture
    • Innovation embedded strategic planning
    • Employee engagement and competence development
    • Collaborative innovation

Cases will be presented on various sub-themes by presenters – covering both international best practices and Omani companies who have implemented innovation successfully.

After each theme there will be a panel discussion with the speakers on the dais. Questions from the audience will be invited during this panel discussion.

Potential Audience (Level and Size):
  • It is expected to have 150-200 attendees.
  • Relevant Ministries and Authorities will be invited.
  • CEOs, CFOs, Technical Managers, R&D Managers, and persons engaged in innovation and improvements from the Manufacturing industry who are in managerial position are invited for this Forum.
  • Hotel Sheraton Oman, Ruwi, Muscat.
Forum Presentations:
Designed and developed by: Sohar University