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Qualifications :

  • 1991 Phd , Glasgow University, UK.
  • 1983 MA, College Of Aerts, Baghdad University.
  • 1971 BA, College Of Education, Baghdad University.

Teaching Interest:

  • Linguistics And Applied Linguistics.

Research Interest

  • Contrastive-Error Analysis.

Recent Publication

  • Rarity or Non-Existence of Phrasal Verbs in the Written Discourse of Omani Student-Teachers of English.SAGE Open, 2014.
  • The Use of Cohesive Devices in Descriptive Writing by Omani Student-teachers, SAGE Open. December 2013.
  • "Those nation wreckers are suffering from inferiority complex": The depiction of Chinese miners in the Ghanaian press. International Journal of Society, Culture & Language > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.<. (2023)
  • The Impact of Culture and Socio-Pragmatics on Foreign Language Learning with special Reference to the Situation of Teaching English at Irbid Private University. Grazer Linguistische Studien. 66 (Herbst 2006)