This program provides students with a solid foundation to acquire professional skills and understanding of essential concepts, principles, facts, and theories relating to networking and Database. Prepare students for leadership roles in IT industry and job market. Some subjects are conducted in cooperation with CISCO and ORACLE and the students will graduate with solid foundations and apply the knowledge they have acquired of Networking and database. Potential Career Prospects: Database administrator, Network Engineer, and Network Administrator.

Program Matrix

  Semester1 Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name Course Code Units Course Name
LEVEL 1 COMP1109 2 Introduction to Information System COMP1208 2 Fundamentals Of Programming
COMP1112 2 Introduction to Computing COMP1212 2 Database Management Systems
COMP1114 2 Introduction To Multimedia Technology COMP1213 2 Computer Networks I
UNIR1000 2 Communication Skills COMP1214 2 Discrete Mathematics
UNIR1001 1 Oman and Islamic Culture UNIR1002 1 Arabic Language Skills
LEVEL 2 COMP2000 2 Computer Networks II COMP2105 2 Operating System
NEDB2101 2 Database Administration COMP2220 2 Web Information Systems
COMP2108 2 Object Oriented Programming COMP2221 2 Fundamentals of E- Commerce
COMP2111 2 System Analysis and Design UNIR2000 2 Organizational Communication
UNIR2001A 1 Entrepreneurship UNIR2001B 1 Entrepreneurship
LEVEL 3 NEDB3101 2 Switching and Routing Techniques NEDB3201 2 Advance Network Design
INTE3102 2 Distributed Computing COMP3209 2 Data Mining
COMP3105 2 Service Oriented Architecture COMP3210 2 Artificial Intelligence
COMP3107 2 Distributed Database Design UNIR3000 2 Research Methods
LEVEL 4 COMP4000* 2 Specialization Project COMP4000* 2 Specialization Project
COMP4102 2 Software Project Management INTE4202 2 Information Security
COMP4105 2 Management Information Systems COMP4209 2 E-Environment
COMP4107 2 Special Topics COMP4210 2 Mobile and Wireless Networks

Note: COMP4000 is 2 semesters course. The total units for this course are 4 units.