The Computing & Multimedia Program is designed to provide students with the entry-level skills that they need by emphasizing concepts and applications typically used within the design, production and delivery of interactive multimedia content. We offer students cutting-edge technology, knowledgeable guidance through the world of multimedia, and the ability to master industry-standard applications which will lead to a fulfilling career in one of the fastest growing sectors of the IT industry. This program is accredited by the Australian Computing Society ACS.

Program Matrix

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name Course Code Units Course Name
LEVEL 1 COMP1109 2 Introduction to Information System COMP1208 2 Fundamentals Of Programming
COMP1112 2 Introduction to Computing COMP1212 2 Database Management Systems
COMP1114 2 Introduction To Multimedia Technology COMP1213 2 Computer Networks I
UNIR1000 2 Communication Skills COMP1214 2 Discrete Mathematics
UNIR1001 1 Oman and Islamic Culture UNIR1002 1 Arabic Language Skills
LEVEL 2 COMP2000 2 Computer Networks II COMP2105 2 Operating System
COMP2100 2 Human Computer Interaction COMP2208 2 Algorithms & Data Structure
COMP2108 2 Object Oriented Programming COMP2209 2 Software Engineering
COMP2111 2 System Analysis and Design UNIR2000 2 Organizational Communication
UNIR2001A 1 Entrepreneurship UNIR2001B 1 Entrepreneurship
LEVEL 3 COMP3105 2 Service Oriented Architecture COMP3201 2 Computer Graphic
COMP3106 2 Computer Architecture COMP3209 2 Data Mining
COMP3107 2 Distributed Database Design COMP3210 2 Artificial Intelligence
INTE3102 2 Distributed Computing UNIR3000 2 Research Methods
LEVEL 4 COMP4000* 2 Specialization Project COMP4000* 2 Specialization Project
COMP4102 2 Software Project Management COMP4206 2 Modelling And Visualization
COMP4105 2 Management Information Systems COMP4209 2 E-Environment
COMP4107 2 Special Topics INTE4202 2 Information Security

Note: COMP4000 is 2 semesters course. The total units for this course are 4 units.