Faculty of Computing and Information Technology (FCIT) is a growing faculty; number of students has increased significantly. FCIT has lot of opportunities as well as challenges to face in the coming years, as the competition is increasing in the education sector. FCIT is accredited provisionally with Australian Computer Society till Oct 2014. This program offers mix of Business courses and Information Technology courses. This program provides the student with the required background and practical skills that help him in the job market, where it help the student to understand the market need from IT side.

The program will be supported by international organization like SAP, Cisco, Oracle and others.

Program Matrix

  Semester1 Semester 2
Course Code Units Course Name Course Code Units Course Name
LEVEL 1 BUMG1103 2 Introduction to Business Management BUMK1201 2 Principals of Marketing
COMP1109 2 Introduction to Information System COMP1208 2 Fundamentals Of Programming
COMP1112 2 Introduction to Computing COMP1214 2 Discrete Mathematics
UNIR1000 2 Communication Skills BUEC1602 2 Introduction to Macroeconomics
UNIR1001 1 Oman and Islamic Culture UNIR1002 1 Arabic Language Skills
LEVEL 2 BUMG1102 2 Business Statistics I COMP1212 2 DB Management System
BUAC1301 2 Accounting I COMP2221 2 Fundamentals of E-Commerce
COMP2111 2 System Analysis and Design BUFN2703 2 Financial Management
BUBS2401 2 Business Law UNIR2000 2 Organizational Communication
UNIR2001A 1 Entrepreneurship UNIR2001B 1 Entrepreneurship
LEVEL 3 BUMG3101 2 Operations Research BUMG3103 2 Quality Management
COMP3105 2 Service Oriented Architecture BUMG3107 2 Production & Operation Management
COMP3107 2 Distributed Database Design COMP3211 2 ERP Design and Implementation
BUBS3401 2 Small Business Management UNIR3000 2 Research Methods
LEVEL 4 COMP4000* 2 Specialization Project COMP4000* 2 Specialization Project
COMP4102 2 Software Project Management INTE4202 2 Information Security
COMP4105 2 Management Information Systems COMP4209 2 E-Environment
BUMG4101 2 Strategic Management BUBS4402 2 International Business

Note: COMP4000 is 2 semesters course. The total units for this course are 4 units.