Sohar University participates in the Exhibition of Higher Education Institutions, 2017

Sohar University has participated in the 8th edition of the Higher Education Institutions Exhibition (2017) at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center during the period from 18-20 July, 2017. The exhibition was organized by the Arab Gate for Exhibitions and Conferences in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education. The aim of the exhibition is to create a sort of link between General Education Diploma graduates , along with their interested parents and those wishing to complete their educational careers and the various higher education institutions.
The university corner has received a large number of visitors who wish to learn more information about the university and its programs, specializations as well as the services it offers for its students. The exhibition has also presented an ideal opportunity for the graduates of the General Education Diploma and those who are interested to get a closer look at the major services provided by the university which can be apt for their future plans and scientific achievements. In addition, the exhibition has provided an opportunity for exchanging ideas and experiences, as well as answering the visitors’ varied questions relating the university.

The induction ceremony was sponsered by his Excellency, Eng. Mohammed bin Abu Bakr Al Ghassani, Vice-President of the Shura Council. The exhibition was also attended by about 45 universities, colleges, institutes, training and education services, institutions supporting entrepreneurship, community initiatives and student companies.