1. Implementing Omani Labor Law and university procedures and regulations.
  2. Finalizing Recruitment procedures for the new academic and administrative staff in coordination with the respective authorities.
  3. The preparation of the annual budget for the department.
  4. Calculating salaries and financial benefits for university staff
  5. Completing the travel procedures for expatriates and their families and handed over the tickets or cash in coordination with the Finance Department of and Procurement department
  6. Preparing Health and life insurance cards to those who are eligible according to university’s regulations.
  7. Monitoring employees daily attendance (checking in and out).
  8. Implementation of the provisions and procedures set forth in the Oman Labor Law and regulations of the university with respect to appointments, promotions and bonuses, vacations, bonuses, termination and visas.
  9. Following up the implementation of decisions taken by the university administration.
  10. Filing records of employees at Sohar University.
  11. Provide the necessary services to employees in terms of work permits, visas, residence cards and other services according to the laws and regulations in force in Oman.
  12. Welcoming newly coming employees at the airport and cancelling the visas of those who had resigned or had their contracts terminated.
  13. Granting all types of recognized certificates&nbsp as per university rules and regulations.
  14. Taking legal action against those who break the law.