Message form the Finance Manager

The Finance department at Sohar University ensures that operational processes are carried out effectively with high levels of productivity and efficiency. The staff members of the Office of Financial Aid want to assist you in any way possible as you sort through the network of financial support programs and planning issues. And please do not hesitate to contact us; we can be reached by phone, e-mail, or in person. We hope you discover what we already know — Sohar University is the right place for you.
The Finance department’s Client Charter reflects our commitment towards this goal. We therefore welcome any feedback from you for us to constantly upgrade our services for your benefit.

Finance department - Overview

The Finance department of Sohar University is one of the efficient administrative departments in the University. It fulfils the role of overall responsibility for financial affairs of the University and its subsidiary companies with the assistance 12 staff who are professionally qualified
Our aim is to provide accurate financial information, improve financial awareness, ensure compliance with appropriate regulations, reduce complexity, fast accurate service and provide general support on finance related matters.

Finance department is split into two separate departments Financial Management and Student accounts.
Financial Management and operations.
Through the under control of Finance Manager, Financial Accountants and Student Accountants this team provides an effective and comprehensive financial management services. This includes Paying staff, students and external suppliers.

  • The provision of professional advice
  • Financial Management
  • strategic reviews
  • External funding
  • Payment service
  • Payroll Services and Benefit Services
  • Services including the provision of Cashiering, Banking and Invoicing Services.
  • Student Payments Services
  • Tuition Fee Services

Contact us

Name Designation Extension
Ali Khalfan Al-Maqbali Finance Manager 443
Mohammed Ahmed Al-Mamari Deputy Finance Manager 117
Mohammed Hilal Sulaiman Al-Abri Senior General Accountant 506
Vikas Peter Tapeli Senior Payment officer 127
Suhair Abdullah Al-Farsi Payments accountant 559
Aysha Khamis Ghanim Al-Ajmi Co-coordinator 214
Fiddah Saad Abdullah Al-Ajmi Head of Students Account 309
Athari Bader Al-Balushi Students consultant (Accountant) 112
Laila Abdullah Al-Mamari Students payments Accountant 116
Asma Humaid Al-Quhdi Cashier 355
Aisha Salim Al-Badi Cashier 119
Salim Abdullah Al-Baloshi Cashier 203

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